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Skin Boosters (NEWEST)

Service Description

NEWEST® represents a patented formulation originating from Mastelli Aesthetic in Italy. This unique blend combines three distinct ingredients: PN-HPT™, HA, and MN, working synergistically to enhance your confidence and appearance. PN-HPT™ is pivotal for bio-revitalization, while HA fosters hydration and elasticity. Concurrently, MN extends the longevity of HA, ensuring enduring results. This amalgamation of Mastelli Aesthetic's patented ingredients delivers unparalleled skin bio-revitalization treatment. With HA's presence, PN-HPT™ efficacy in stimulating fibroblasts escalates by 20%. The addition of Mannitol (MN) further prolongs the effects, reducing HA degradation by an impressive 30%. In essence, NEWEST® presents a meticulously crafted formulation, leveraging the bio-revitalization properties of PN-HPT™, the hydrating prowess of HA, and the sustained efficacy extended by MN.

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