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Acne & Scars

Service Description

Say goodbye to the misconception that acne is just a teenage woe—adult acne is a real concern. The disappointment of realising that breakouts don't necessarily fade away after your teenage years is a common experience. In fact, some people may encounter acne for the first time in adulthood. Beyond the visible blemishes, acne can bring emotional distress and, in some cases, leave lasting scars on the skin. If you've tried countless over-the-counter acne products without success, our team of doctors is here to help. We can prescribe effective topical medications to control sebum production and prevent clogged pores. For more severe cases, oral antibiotics may be recommended to combat excess skin bacteria. Our approach often combines oral and topical treatments for optimal results. Your journey to clear, healthy skin starts here. Treatment Options : 1) Chemical Peel A chemical peel enhances facial, neck, or hand skin appearance by applying a medical-grade fruit enzyme solution, prompting exfoliation. This stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production, resulting in smoother skin and improved acne scars. However, the new skin may be temporarily more sun-sensitive. Post-peel, skin care product absorption improves without dead cell obstruction. 2) Laser Treatment Laser energy stimulates deep dermal collagen production without harming the skin's surface, promoting natural skin rejuvenation. It aids scar regeneration and healing by penetrating deeply into the skin. 3) Platelet-rich-plasma Treatment Platelet-rich-plasma treatment stimulates skin repair, reducing acne and scar appearance through natural healing. 4) Rejuran Scar Rejuran Scar reduces scar appearance through skin regeneration, enhancing texture and reducing visibility. 5) Mesotherapy Mesotherapy delivers essential nutrients directly to the skin, rejuvenating and improving its appearance. 6) Subcision Subcision is a procedure to treat depressed scars by breaking up fibrous tissue underneath, allowing the skin to rise. 7) Microneedling Microneedling involves using fine needles to puncture the skin and stimulate collagen production, improving skin texture and reducing scars.

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