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Thread Lift

Service Description

A thread lift is a non-surgical method that elevates sagging skin, promoting collagen production for a rejuvenated appearance in the face or neck. Plastic surgeons strategically place medical-grade threads beneath the skin to reposition it, activating the body's natural healing response and encouraging collagen growth. Threads are available in various materials and lengths. A thread lift offers subtle enhancements and is often referred to as a "lunchtime facelift" due to its brief duration and minimal downtime. The results of a thread lift are temporary, lasting between one to three years, with the threads dissolving over time as the body absorbs them. If satisfied with the results, individuals can opt for another thread lift procedure. Key benefits of a thread lift include: 1) Low risk, making it suitable for most adults 2) Stimulation of collagen production, naturally improving skin elasticity 3) Quick recovery, allowing a prompt return to daily activities 4) Reversibility, as the plastic surgeon can remove the threads if the results are not to your liking Thread lifts are typically suitable for individuals experiencing early signs of aging, aged late 30s to early 50s, seeking subtle changes without surgery, or wanting to refresh previous facelift results. Various types of thread lifts are available, including: 1) Cat or fox eye thread lift: Lifting eyebrows for a catlike appearance. 2) Eyebrow thread lift: Lifting sagging or furrowed eyebrows and tightening the skin. 3) Nose thread lift: Lifting, straightening, or slimming the nose. 4) Neck thread lift: Lifting loose neck skin or smoothing neck lines. During a thread lift procedure, local anesthesia is used, so you’re awake but won’t feel any pain. A thin needle is utilized to insert various threads beneath the skin, and the procedure takes about an hour. This low-risk option is particularly beneficial for individuals with certain health conditions that may prevent them from undergoing a traditional facelift.

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