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Excessive Sweating

Service Description

Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, poses a common challenge for many individuals, affecting various areas of the body. While palms and armpits are frequently impacted, hyperhidrosis can also manifest on the head, face, groin, or back, leading to visible sweat stains and potential embarrassment, particularly in public settings. This condition often persists from adolescence into adulthood, with sweating occurring irrespective of temperature or environmental conditions. Ordinarily, sweat is produced by glands in response to heat, exercise, fever, or stress. Nerve signals regulate this process, ceasing sweat production when these stimuli are absent. However, hyperhidrosis disrupts this natural balance, causing sweat glands to continually produce perspiration, even in cool, air-conditioned environments. Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis functions by intercepting the chemical nerve signals responsible for triggering sweat production. By interrupting this communication, Botox effectively halts sweat gland activity. This approach serves as a non-surgical alternative, typically pursued before considering more invasive options. Botulinum toxin injections offer a straightforward and effective solution, often resolving excessive sweating without significant inconvenience. Results typically become noticeable within a week following treatment, with a reduction in sweat production observed. Treatment Option: 1) MesoBotox Injection MesoBotox injection for excessive sweating involves injecting small amounts of diluted Botox into the skin's superficial layer, targeting sweat glands. Botox blocks the nerve signals responsible for activating sweat glands, reducing excessive sweating in treated areas. This procedure is effective for conditions like axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) and can provide long-lasting relief.

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